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2011-2013 Chinese video surveillance market analysis

In recent years, the Chinese video surveillance market is subject to safe urban construction of Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, Universiade, Shenzhen and other security programs as well as the fast-growing industry demand for video surveillance and other factors to stimulate and drive, made the extraordinary rapid development, the overall market has expanded rapidly.While China's video surveillance industry rate much faster than the world average, but the degree of development of the industry compared with developed countries there is a large distance.

The Case of Shanghai, according to statistics the city of Shanghai in 2010 the number of surveillance cameras is about 20 million units, camera-population ratio is about 1:115.Compared to the more complete video surveillance system deployed the British example, the current UK total of 400 million units installed cameras, camera-population ratio is 1:15.This shows that China's video surveillance market still has much room for development.2011 - 2013 market size will maintain an average annual 20% increase in industry as a whole stage of rapid development.
Video surveillance market analysis

Security Market

According to relevant data, 2000-2006 China's security industry market size of 250 billion yuan to 1200 yuan, the annual compound growth rate of nearly 30%.By 2009, the market has reached 190 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of more than 25%.Accordance with the "security industry," five "plan" mentioned goals, the "five-second" end of the scale of the security industry will double the average annual growth rate of 20% in 2015 output reached 500 billion yuan.Based on the above data analysis, we expect ,2011-2013, China's security industry will reach 269.6 billion yuan, 323.5 billion yuan and 391.1 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of about 20.24%.

Video surveillance market

"Twelve Five" period, with the peace policies of urban construction to continue and deepen, as well as transportation, education, finance and other industries continue to enhance user security awareness, the next video surveillance market will maintain strong growth.

In the field of intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation according to China Association of the data provided, expected 2009-2016, China's urban road intelligent transport system's total investment reached 107.758 billion yuan, including video surveillance system investments in excess of 40 billion yuan, an average annual investment of over 50 billion yuan.

In the field of campus security, the end of 2009, there were 55.4 million by the various institutions, including kindergartens 138,000, 410,000 primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, 2305.Currently, each project requires an investment of nursery security -20 50,000 million, each school security project requires an investment of 100,000 -50 million security project requires each college to invest 2 million -500 million.National campus security market is expected to reach 100 billion yuan, of which the campus video surveillance market to reach 250 billion yuan, according to the school facilities updated every five years, the frequency of calculation, the national campus security video surveillance market, the average annual investment of up to 5 billion yuan.

According to the relevant department estimates that a medium-sized cities safe investment in urban projects, the proportion of the video surveillance system about 28%.In view of safe urban construction products and systems related to the security extension slightly less than the overall security industry, combined with the actual demand for various applications due to lower investment in video surveillance system investments across the security industry in the proportion to 25%.As a result, we expect 2011 - 2013 Chinese video surveillance systems industry market size will reach 67.4 billion yuan, 809 billion yuan, 97.8 billion yuan, far exceeding the world video surveillance industry, the growth rate of 13.83%, global video surveillance market rapid development of the land.

China's more developed eastern coastal areas due to the economy, the video surveillance industry has been in the country's leading market position.Related statistics show that in 2010, East China's video surveillance market share of about 25%.Expected 2011-2013 video surveillance market in East China were 168,202 and 244 billion yuan.Shanghai as the center of the city in East China, demand for video surveillance generally higher on the new technology, new product acceptance is higher.Shanghai video surveillance market is about 25% of East China, Shanghai is expected 2011-2013 video surveillance market to reach 4.2 billion yuan, 51 billion and $ 6.1 billion.

In 2010, the overall size of China's security market in about 43% of security products, security engineering and services market accounts for about 57%.As a result, we expect ,2011-2013 video surveillance system engineering and integration services market will reach 38.4 billion yuan, 46.1 billion yuan and 557 yuan, security video surveillance market will reach 29 billion yuan, 348 million and $ 42 billion.
ip video surveillance market analysis

With the recent safe city, safe schools and other security programs across the country in depth, airports, subways, electricity and other users for video surveillance coverage of the monitoring points and network transmission requirements on the rise, have dispatched a wide area, seamless expansion ability and can form a complex functions such as monitoring network ip network monitoring is becoming an important Chinese video surveillance market pull factors.Overall network video surveillance solution, is being more and more understanding and recognition of the user.

Data show that in 2007 China Network Video Monitoring Market Size 26.36 billion in 2012 ip video surveillance market will maintain a compound growth rate of 38%.With the rising demand for video surveillance in banks, transportation, industrial, retail and other industrial markets, to digital video surveillance ip-based video surveillance technology will be rapid development, projected 2011-2013 China ip video surveillance market of 8.661 billion yuan, 11.963 billion yuan and 16.891 billion yuan.

Industry supply

Currently, the Chinese security industry is mainly composed by the following types of enterprises: first, to design, installation, service-based engineering business; second distribution, proxy-based security product vendors; Third, production and supply of security products the main supplier of products; Fourth, intermediaries, mainly various types of consulting service providers; Fifth alarm operation and service-based operators.

Number of enterprises from the point of view, according to the survey data show that in 2010 China about 25,000 corporate security practitioners about the industry in a state of perfect competition, competitive market.Among them, the security services to enterprises, including systems integration business of about 14,130, with the project qualified for the 1579 construction companies, with local engineering companies qualified for the 12551.


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