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WOLF-Guard cloud video alarm, create a new realm of Security +

October 29, 2015, the 15th CPSE (China International Public Security Expo) had its brand opening in Shenzhen Convention and ExhibitionCenter. WOLF-Guard showed up again after one year, which is whipping up a WOLF-Guard storm with extremely popular booth and high-profile leading-edge products. 2015 CPSE, which is the World largest, most charismatic and most influential security event, has attracted almost all well-known enterprises from home and abroad to participate in. Nearly 230,000 professionals from 156 countries and regions come to the site to visit and purchase.

2015 CPSE


Cross-border integration   Innovation and double-win

As an alarm system brand with 17 years’ good reputation, WOLF-Guard lands on the exhibition stage of CPSE with the concept of new technology of “Security +” make the alarm system more intelligent. We introduced many alarm innovations based on users’ requested and defined security products by converging video linkage alarm, intelligent appliance control, routing gateway technology. At present, the products in exhibition already covered burglar alarm, video surveillance, access control, and routing, two-way intercom, GPS tracker, such as 3G mobile video alarm systems, with burglar alarm, video surveillance, mobile positioning and other functions.


Wolf Guard booth

Intelligent anti-theft alarm system with independent intellectual property rights

- Security with guarantee


In this CPSE, WOLF-Guard showed up with many new products, personalized design, strong performance, superb technology, fully presented the concept of contemporary technology and fashion concept, attracted the attention of the world’s merchants, highlighting the WOLF-Guard’ strong brand ,the power of research and development and international competitiveness. The shied-shape of YL-007WM2’s control panel originated from shield of Zeus (Aigis), which offer 2G / 3G GSM triple play, APP control, concealed tamper alarm, power failure SMS alerts; YL-007M3GB Bluetooth intelligent burglar alarm has a slim design, wireless control, APP remote intelligent control, support for one key alarm; multiple detail design perfect fit WOLF-Guard “All For Your Security” concept. YL-007GL, which declares that your old router could retire now, is not only a single product, but also be expected to become hot artifact in Electronics stores.

WOLF-Guard booth bursting with popularity


Video linkage alarm system

—make Chinese safe with guarantee


Currently all areas of security industry are cross-border, the product features are no longer single, with the continually increasing of customer’s understanding, it  of the customer brought new challenges to the creation of this business. After the “network” has become a new term of security, Shenzhen analog camera manufacturers’ pressure are much increased , and even batch failures, much as Apple’s impact on Nokia.


WOLF-Guard cloud network alarm platform support network-based alarm terminal access, the alarm terminal, A PTZ network camera with alarm host function, which can receive the detector alarm information, support network APP, remote management of Wechat, This industry-innovations, which breaking the pattern of network alarm industry, has brought the users and operators a large dividends.



WOLF-Guard booth bursting with popularity

WOLF-Guard cloud video linkage alarm system

- Alarm, Visible

WOLF-Guard newly researched and manufactured intelligent alarm linkage surveillance cameras have functions of evidence-obtain, alarm linkage, intelligent control, video intercom, alarm sound and light features, a variety of technology seamlessly united; with working with cloud video networking alarm service, it can be widely used in public security, Family, shopssecurity etc. In Exhibition site, this WOLF-Guard product attracted many merchants come to watch, and even attracted the attention of police recruits.

WOLF-Guard Booth attract the attention of Police Officers

Well-known for Professional

For this CPSE, WOLF-Guard had a long and well plan, sophisticated brand strategy planning, carefully selected flagship product, comprehensive capabilities presentation, and also attracted a large number of customers to visit and for business talking.

Business talking in the WOLF-Guard Booth

Since entering the network era, facing the ever-changing situation of competition, a lot of security companies adhere to innovation, they open up segments of the market according to specific theme, to achieve the transformation of enterprise development model, and business transformation needs the opportunity and strength. For traditional security industry, the challenge that “electronic business platform” “O2O” platform brought is more price transparency, service transparency, in fact, the Internet has gone deep in every aspect of life, for the powerful enterprises, this is an opportunity. A large number of “electronic business platform” “O2O” use of the Internet media platform, enabling direct dialogue with users, the market tends to be flat, which filter out a lot of the middle layer; users can experience the system on-site, and then proposed personality needs. Platform integrates of resources to provide users with a full range of products and services. Thus, the user saved a lot of costs, while also got better service.


For this segment of e-commerce marketing model‘s explore, Alarm industry proposed a variety of models, but it seems that any kind of pattern did not achieve perfect results. The WOLF-Guard’ E-commerce models are more relying on their own resources, capabilities and understanding, rather than following others. Only by innovative products and improve service quality can we win customers’ approval. Now, WOLF-Guard is in a period of rapid development, which has settled in TMALL, JD, joined the security Mart and other third-party platform, we’re focusing on building self-site and mobile phone shop.


Internet+ Boom, WOLF-Guard “Security+” get ready

In the “Internet +” era, WOLF-Guard no longer operate only in their own system, but also go to the cloud to create more value for customers. WOLF-Guard intimate contact with Internet can start with the Internet-based civilian security products, platforms and services. WOLF-Guardcloud network alarm platform support network-based alarm terminal access, the alarm terminal, A PTZ network camera with alarm host function, which can receive the detector alarm information, support network APP, remote management of Wechat, This industry-innovations, which breaking the pattern of network alarm industry, has brought the users and operators a big dividend.


Mobile Internet +

The rapid development of mobile Internet suggests that Alarm companies must have thought of the mobile Internet, we must follow the development trend of the times. This is crisis the traditional alarm vendors are facing, but also a opportunity. WOLF-Guard’s 3G mobile video surveillance system, which integrates the alarm, video surveillance, positioning and other functions, bring mobile end customers a new solution.


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