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Outdoor SPot Alarm system JD-W06
Outdoor SPot Alarm system JD-W06
Outdoor SPot Alarm system JD-W06
Name:Outdoor SPot Alarm system JD-W06

products introduction

Long time lasting battery wireless solar siren panel (JDW06)

1. Solar battery & rechargeable battery
2. Sound & flash siren
3. Be used as local alarm
Wireless Outdoor Alarm Solar Siren for alarm system

This product is a solar-powered wireless alarm with sound and light, it can work with wireless accessories like door switch, PIR and so on. Solar panels store solar energy during daytime to enable 9V/1.2AH high-capacity sealed batteries supplying power for the system during night or cloudy days. 

The first time to use, in order to ensure enough battery power, please charge the battery, charging time is 3-4 hours. Please turn on the power switch (red one) during charging. 

Wireless Outdoor Alarm Solar Siren for alarm system Features/ Main functions: 
1. With solar battery & rechargeable battery itself. 
2. With sound & flash siren itself
3. For outdoor use
4. Can match with wireless door/window contact, wireless PIR sensor etc and be used as local alarm
5. Can program to work with GSM alarm systems as solar powered sound & flash siren. 
Wireless Outdoor Alarm Solar Siren for alarm systemOperations: 
1. Insert the solar panel plug into the "ALARM"port. (Factory default insert)
2. Insert 9V/1.2Ah port into board port. (Factory default insert)
3. To make sure the lead-acid battery is full, please use the adaptor(9V/30MA) to charge up, the charge time is around 3-4 hours. 
4. On the back of the siren, the button "START" means battery switch. Plug the adaptor, then turn on the switch, and the siren can begin to charge
5. "LEARN" means the learning code button. 
When the system under disarm status, press "Learn" button once, LED (learningLED)lights on all the time, means it enters learning status. Then trigger any sensor, LED will flashes, means learning successfully, and later it will automatically exit learning status. In this way, you can learn many sensors. 
Clear up the sensors: Hold"LEARN" button for 15 seconds, you can clear up all the sensors you have learned. 
6. Siren alarm time: 1-8 mins optional. Factory default time: 1 min. 
Pull up the button"1" on the board, then the siren alarm time will be 2 mins, then pull up the button "2" on the board, then siren alarm time will be 4mins. When pull up all buttons " 1, 2, 3, 4", then siren alarm time will be 8 mins. Customers can adjust the alarm time according to their requirements. 
7. Installation
Note: Please do not install the siren in dim place. It should be installed above1 meter from the floor to

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