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Wireless GSM and PSTN touchkeypad alarm system YL-007M2D
Wireless GSM and PSTN touchkeypad alarm system YL-007M2D
Wireless GSM and PSTN touchkeypad alarm system YL-007M2D
Name:Wireless GSM and PSTN touchkeypad alarm system YL-007M2D
Memo:Wireless GSM alarm system

products introduction

1.Touch keypad, blue backlights; blue LCD displays Date, Day of the week, Time and current Armed Status;
1.Concise icons guided LCD display. Suitable for every market all over the world.
2.2 /4 Band GSM/PSTN dual net-work. Supports phone call alarm and SMS alarm at the same time, SMS includes zone number and alarm event type. Automatically switch to GSM dialing when telephone line is cut.
3.15 wireless zones (Each zone supports up to 4 sensors). Supports 2 wired zones (optional).
4.Can preset up to 6 phone numbers and dial in sequence. Every mobile phone number can be set for phone call alarm or SMS alarm.
5.Intelligent logic analysis technology, corresponding zone number can be displayed on LCD screen.
6.Record up to a 10 second greeting for phone call alarms which can be heard when answering the alarm call.
7.Arm\ Disarm the system by 5 ways: SMS, Main Host (Keypad), Wireless Keypad (optional), Keychain Remotes, and phone calls. (PSTN alarm don’t support SMS)
8.Available in AC\DC, Low-voltage alerts.
9.“One-Key” arm, studies sensors to alarm host, very easy operation. Supports up to 10 remotes.
10.Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when power off.
11.Door\window status self-check and “Ding Dong” doorbell can be completed as optional functions.
12.8 zone electrical appliance control and 8 groups of scene control can be completed as optional functions.
13.Support CID uploading to CMS (Center monitoring Station) .can user our GSM SMS CID connector to complete this function.
14.Disconnection alarm, auto priority to occupy the telephone and monitoring function to hear what is happening. Support phone call and SMS alarm.
15.Built-in Lithium backup battery, perfect system self-check, alerts of telephone line cut, no SIM card, alarm host low power, no external power supply and even low battery power of sensors.
17.“Black Box ” data record function, stores up to 99 alarm records and 99 arm\disarm records.

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